Our Objectives

In the short term, WRA will partner with Governmental Agencies, Departments, International Institutions, Research Institutions and other major Stakeholders responsible for implementing Water and Sanitation Policies to provide strategic support in the following domain:
– Policy formulation and advisory
– Advocacy
– Research
– Education and awareness creation
– Campaign for the conservation and preservation of the ecosystem and water bodies.
– Organizing symposium and forum for policy direction and education on climate change and its impact on the global water table and the ecology.

WRA will effectively collaborate and support with research institutions to publish research findings with the needed technical support and expertise. Provide one thousand boreholes to rural and deprived communities in Africa within two years. WRA will also act as an advocate for the protection of water – related ecosystems such as wetlands and rivers by engaging institutions and
stakeholders. Water and Sanitation Policy Forums will be organized quarterly to develop Water Policies towards the attainment of the SDGs Goal 6. This will involve governments and key stakeholders.

In the long term, WRA will ensure that ten million more rural Africans has access to Clean, Safe drinking Water and Sanitation by 2030.